Festival's history

The Alexandria Short Film Festival started out in 2015 as an attempt of cinema-lovers, who were members of the solidarity and action team of Alexandria, to present a different cultural event in the municipality.

The audience’s response as well as that of the auteurs was enormous, giving the tinder for further enforcement of the ordinance with the support of Alexandria’s K.E.D.

The short film festival aspired, for the coming years, to become the summer venue of cinemagoers in the municipality of Alexandria and promote new artists.

The welcoming residents of Alexandria embraced the festival right from the start while the amphitheater’s distinct setting, which is being transformed with the help of volunteers, who contributed to the creation of a unique atmosphere during the days of the festival, gives the participants a life time experience.

The audience’s award from 2017 onwards and the participation of many Greek and foreign producers in combination with the parallel activities during the festival, give the participants the opportunity to put their ideas on display and distinguish themselves from the very first steps of their career.

From 2018 on, the short film festival functions as an autonomous ordinance of cinema’s friends, under the auspices of the welfare utility of the Municipality of Alexandria.

Translation: Platioti Vasiliki
Editing : Platiotis Konstantinos