Best International Short Film Award
Best Greek Short Film Award
Audience Award
Best Original Script Award
Best environmental film Award
With a beautiful ceremony held on Sunday 4 July at the Municipal Amphitheatre of Alexandria, the curtain fell on the 7th International Alexandria Short Film Festival.  Under the sounds and music of Thanos Mikroutsikos in a concert with the musical ensemble BOUSOULAS and George Gelarakis and Magda Pensou, the festival concluded its activities for yet another year.

At the ceremony, the awards were announced as selected by the jury and the audience.

We recall that the jury consisted of Vlachogianni Iphigenia, Zervoudakis Dimitris, Liakou Ada, Florakis Ilias, Matthew Pateman.

Best Greek Film Award

Split Apart – Greece

Directed by Zina Papadopoulou, Petros Papadopoulos

Sponsor Prize ELTA COURIER / Bentila Georgia

The film is technically sound (cinematography, special effects, editing, sound), has great performances and we liked the subject it deals with. Compared to the others it excels.

The award ceremony was attended by the director of the film Ms. Papadopoulou Zina who thanked the organizers of the festival for the organization.


Best International Film Award

Rebel – Canada

Directed by Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Sponsor Vafa Grocery Store/ Vafa Christina

This was a difficult choice because there were several films of equal merit. We preferred it for the optimistic message it leaves at the end – even if only vaguely – and for its overall theme. It’s technically sound, has great performances (and from kids so young) and the story it tells is a punch to the gut. Through looks, expressions and movements, it manages to convey to the viewer the emotions of the young protagonist and keeps the audience’s interest undiminished until the end – until redemption.

Best Screenplay Award

A world free of crisis – France

Directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac

Sponsor Vafa Grocery Store/ Vafa Christina

“The Screenplay Award is about the story, the way it unfolds, the different characters and the dialogues. A story that keeps the interest, approaches the subject with clarity and originality. This year we watched a lot of good stories. World free of crisis, however, stood out for its balance in its allegorical theme, symbolism, humour and special performance. Without narrative gaps and exaggerations, it takes us into a fantastic story of a world we are not far from, if we are not already living it, but also with an optimistic touch that this world can change.”

Best Film Presentation Award

Iro / Iro – Greece

Directed by Alexis Koukias Pantelis

Sponsor Edge Hill University

Students from the creative arts department of Edge Hill University awarded the Best Film Presentation Award at the 7th International Alexandria Short Film Festival.

16 students have assessed the submission package of films screened during the 7th festival. They evaluated the poster, synopsis, trailer, director’s statement and any other additional material submitted by the filmmakers to the festival. This is a new and innovative award and aims to reward hard work and good practice in film promotion and distribution.

The students came with the following statement concerning the Best Film Presentation Award

We have chosen Iro / for the Edge Hill Best Presentation Award as we loved the detailed description and found it to be an accurate representation of what is truly a wonderful film. The poster is bright, eye-catching and nicely showcases the gorgeous graphics of the film. The text is also well organized and it’s nice to see Greek and English together without it seeming too “busy”. We especially like that the film has a personal story behind it,  explained in the director’s statement, as this brings another level of humanity and emotion to the film, allowing for a deeper connection with the audience. The film, along with its presentation, is a bittersweet emotional journey for the audience.

Audience Award

Pile Poil / Stacks of Hair – France

Directed by Lauriane Escaffre et Yvonnick Muller

The film was voted by the audience and received the highest preference rating.

The Audience Award is presented in memory of our fellow cinephile Stathis Anesidis by his family, while Mr. Anesidis Nikos spoke at the closing ceremony on behalf of the family.



Board of Kinimatodrasis

Jury Committee of the 7th International Alexandria Short Film Festival

Translation by Vasiliki Platioti