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Dimitris Zervoudakis

He was born in Thessaloniki, where he also lives permanently. After finishing high school, he studied at the N.O.E. of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and while being a student, within the framework of the Student Cinema Theatre Club (F.O.TH.K.), he was involved in singing and music, founding together with fellow students the band “Young Passengers”.

1983-84. Shortly afterwards, the success of the band in live performances (TINELA) paves the way for the recording industry.
In 1985, an independent production entitled “Relatively illegal”, is his first recording appearance with the guidance of the previous guard of musicians – friends of musicians of Thessaloniki – which he himself curated. At that time, he directly attracts the interest of MINOS with whom he starts a collaboration that will last close to 14 years.

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Ifigenia Vlachogianni

She was born in the city of Veroia. She still resides there.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies (Finance & Accounting) and a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Sheffield.
She and her family run the only cinema in Veroia which has been operating since 1953 until today. The cinema includes two winter and one summer screening rooms.
In June, the cinema was selected by the European Cinemas as Innovation Hubs for Local Communities program, created to support innovative cultural centres focused on cinemas, especially in areas where there is limited film and cultural infrastructure.
She works as a business consultant in her own business which she has been running since 2003.
She is a member of the Cinema Association of Northern Greece, member of Europa Cinemas, Vice President of the World Trade Association of Greece.

Anda Liakou

Since 1996 she has been working in television, theatre and cinema. She has also worked as an assistant director on fiction films, documentaries, theatre productions, edited TV shows and documentaries, directed and edited videos for theatre productions and commercials. Moreover she has worked with directors such as Pantelis Voulgaris, Nikos Koundouros, Panagiotis Karkanevatos, Lakis Papastathis, Thodoris Gonis, Elena Pega, among others. She has also been a tutor at the School of Film and Television named “Parallaxis” and at the Art Academy of Vocational training institute: Akmi in Thessaloniki.

Graduate of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the School of Film and Television “Parallaxis”.
Editing in short documentaries on www.ragoutzaria.gr (2001, dir. Loukas Kuchtin), There is hope (2007, dir. Christos Kallitsis) and in the feature films T4 Trouble and the Self-Admiration Society

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Ilias Florakis has studied Computer Science and Engineering and has worked in various posts . Salesman, electronic, computer manager, permanent editor of the magazine RAM(DOL),IT in companies like Metropolis,etc. He teaches Computer Science for more than 15 years now in private Schools, while he collaborated for five years with the NGO “50+ Greece”, teaching Computers and New Technologies to aged people. He also holds over 40 world records in electronic games, from the certified organization ΤwinGalaxies(USA).

He started artistically as a writer with “Charlie’s Bar” (published by Kastaniotis Publications) & “The Healer”(Agyra Publications),”13 after midnight”(Greek Scriptwriters Publications) and many publications and awards in the field of literature. He teaches Creative Writing in Ash in Art since 2006. In 2011, he wrote and directed the stage whisper «Je t’aime», which won Original Text Award and Praise for Female Interpretation in the Patras Satirical Τheatre Festival, while in 2011 he got to direct the black comedy “White Pages”.

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Professor Matthew Pateman

Most Recent Post Professor of Contemporary Popular Aesthetics

Head of Department of Creative Arts

Email: matthew.pateman@edgehill.ac.uk

Employment History

2017 – Present Head of Department of Creative Arts, Edge Hill University

2013 – 2017 Head of Department of Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University

2010 – 2013 Head of School of Performance and Screen Studies, Kingston University,


2008 – 2010 Director of Studies, Film and Media, University of Hull

2005 – 2008 Director of Studies Media, Culture and Society, University of Hull

2004 – 2005 Acting Head of School of Arts, University of Hull Scarborough Campus

1994 – 2004 Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in English, University College, Scarborough

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